Xbox 360 Console 120GB Hard drive ();2 Controllers; 1 Custom SCUF Controller; 4 pairs Kontrol freek thumb grips; Xbox WiFi adapter; Xbox Mic; manuals all necessary cables; 24 Games: Halo 3 ODST, Lego Indiana Jones, Halo Wars, Far Cry Compilation(far cry 3, Far cry 3 blood dragon and Far cry 2) Halo 3, COD Modern warfare 2, COD modern warfare 3, COD Advanced Warfare, NHL 2K7, Section 8, Far cry 4, Crackdown, COD Ghosts, Halo reach, COD Black ops, COD 3, Halo 4, Battlefield 4, COD 2 and COD Black ops 2. NOTE: COD 2 and COD Black ops 2 Are on the hard drive
Sold as a single package...I WILL NOT SELL ANY GAMES SEPARATELY.
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